My Book of the Month:

“His masterpiece to date” – The Guardian

Easily my most controversial yet most successful book (both in terms of sales and critical response), PAINTING IN THE DARK remains the book I recommend to anyone wanting to try me for the first time. That’s why I’m focussing on it today.

The action runs from the 1930s, on through the war, and on again to Blair’s triumphant election victory in the late 1990s, when a bright-eyed party leader swept his opponents aside before taking his country into an unwanted war.

There are two main threads to the book – a modern crime story and the recollections of an 85-year-old woman with dark secrets in her past. She is Sidonie Keene, born into minor aristocracy, a well-known figure in the art set who will meet dark luminaries such as Mosley, Hitler and Hermann Goering. By the 1990s she has become almost a recluse, hiding from her distant past, but she is about to be targeted by the art fence Gottfleisch and his perverted henchman Ticky.

You can read more about the book – including those rave reviews – here: about Painting in the Dark

The Kindle version is here: Painting in the Dark

Meanwhile, don’t forget my latest and very different novel:
EXIT 39, an iPhone novel

What’s so unusual about it – and why did I launch it exclusively in eBook format?

It’s my breakaway book.  Not a crime novel (I’ve written a dozen), nor a historical (I’ve written four), nor non-fiction (four again) but an up-to-the-minute tragicomedy . . . romantic comedy . . . modern-day satire? You tell me. But here’s the twist: the entire story is narrated into an iPhone!  That’s the only way the narrator can find the time.

Pity he can’t find time to live.

To get your copy – for Kindle, Kobo, Nook or whatever – either go to my Amazon page ( Just click HERE ) or ,for all non-Kindle formats, jump to my Smashwords page by clicking this link: EXIT 39 instead.

To find out more, click the Exit 39 link to the right or, depending what device you’re reading this on, click this link:  CLICK HERE   Enjoy Exit 39!


Have you downloaded from Smashwords before?
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CWA Members BadgeLet’s not forget my previous books.

Many think of me first and foremost as a crime writer but out of my dozen and a half novels barely a dozen are crime while the others include historical novels and four illustrated biographical encyclopedias.

Last year I published a historical novel, The Exhibitionists (set in the period 1834-1851 and about the art world, a quest and the Great Exhibition) and Rafael’s Gold, a 21st century thriller with a historical strand (the Spanish Armada).

To see more on these or any of my books, click on the relevant page (to the right).

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Several are available as Kindle downloads direct from Amazon: Russell James page

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(You’ll find several upstart authors there as well, each pretending to the Russell James throne.)

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4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. James Ferron Anderson

    April 15, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Have just started your Painting in the Dark sample, never having heard of you before… but I’m interested. Could you tell me how you put your books on these various e book sites? Is that part of what you think of as your job, or do you have to pay someone? A technical point I know, but I’m curious.

    • Russell James

      April 15, 2014 at 6:33 pm

      Hope you like the sample enough to carry on with the whole book.
      Meanwhile . . . I don’t pay someone to do it for me; I take some pains over it (as authors insist on doing with their work) and use Smashwords for across-the-board coverage and Amazon for Kindle. Follow the instructions they give for free on their sites (Smashwords being the more helpful). If you haven’t done it before you’ll get it wrong (slightly) the first time, but they’ll tell you what was wrong and, after two or three attempts, you’ll find you’ve got it right. But if you’re unsure, then there are plenty of freelancers who’ll no doubt do a better job for you than I do with my own.
      Now, as I say – get back to Painting In The Dark!

  2. Norman Crothers

    April 16, 2014 at 11:24 am

    Have recently read your Great British Fictional Detectives and found it very interesting and entertaining.As a young man, I am now 81, I read a lot of books by an author named George Goodchild whose principal detective character was Inspector Dandy McLean.He was a prolific author and wrote under several names.I am wondering if you knew of this writer and if you might mention him in a future book.Meanwhile please keep writing as i enjoy your work very much.Norman Crothers.


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