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Russell James is an established British writer and critic and was Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association in 2001 and 2002.  Most of his earlier hard-hitting, low-life thrillers were set in south east London and, unusually, they featured no detectives; when the police did appear it was on the sidelines. All his crime books were well reviewed and most are now available as ebooks.

Russell has written more than 20 books. By no means all of them are crime.  Recent publications include a bang-up-to-date ‘iPhone novel’, Exit 39 and a curious crime novel set in the 1960s, ‘The Newly Discovered Diaries of Doctor Kristal’ – a dark comedy about a doctor (35 years old and still a virgin) whose obsessions lead him to start murdering his patients.  Details on the DOCTOR KRISTAL page – here

Other recent books include a celebrity bio written “with” Maggie King, star of Music Hall, Variety and Revue and coming from extended interviews Maggie gave in August 1939, on the eve of the second word war. Stories I Can’t Tell purports to be the uncensored version behind her previously published celebrity bio. Details on: STORIES I CAN’T TELL.

Two other co-written books include a gathering of 5 of his great-grandmother’s wonderful stories in an illustrated Victorian Romances – a book published in her name, Nicola Nickleby – and a collaboration with James Havers on Please Buy This Book describing the usually lavish Books For Good Causes published between 1898 and 1945.

Books under his own name include:

EXIT 39                                                                  (Prospero)


THE EXHIBITIONISTS                                          (G-Press)

RAFAEL’S GOLD                                                   (Prospero)

REQUIEM FOR A DAUGHTER                             (Prospero)

VICTORIAN WRITERS & POETS                          (Pen & Sword)




THE MAUD ALLAN AFFAIR                                 (Pen & Sword)

NO ONE GETS HURT                                            (Do Not Press)

PICK ANY TITLE                                                   (Do Not Press)

THE ANNEX                                                           (Five Star Mysteries

PAINTING IN THE DARK                                    (Do Not Press)

OH NO, NOT MY BABY                                         (Do Not Press)

COUNT ME OUT                                                    (Serpent’s Tail)

SLAUGHTER MUSIC                                             (Alison & Busby)

PAYBACK                                                               (Gollancz)

DAYLIGHT                                                             (Gollancz)

UNDERGROUND                                                   (Gollancz)

He runs a blog called Booksmatter and a website at russelljames.co.uk

Russell is published by Prospero and can be found on:Facebook

Or if you want to email him (what’s coming up is to reduce spam) create the email address by putting the 6 letters:   findrj    in front of the back-end:  @lineone.net    – and away you go, into the ether.

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  1. Rita Seedorf says:

    Enjoyed reading your most recent post. I am just entering the cyberworld and find your ‘Writer’s Diary” to be a great example.

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