Downloading From Smashwords

To read on your laptop, PC or any other device you’ll need one of the various free e-reader programs.  The free Kobo app can be downloaded from this site: and the free Kindle Reading App can be downloaded from here:   Other e-reader apps are available from the relevant sites (such as Nook or Adobe).

Once you have one (or more) of those apps on your machine you’ll be able to buy or download books from all sorts of places, including Smashwords.

To use Smashwords you first have to register with them.  (You only have to do this once!)  On my Smashwords page ( EXIT 39 ) follow their instructions to set up your Smashwords account – don’t worry, it’s free! – and once you’ve set that up you can return to my Smashwords page, scroll down to the download options, and select the file format you want.  In moments, the book will be on your computer, ready to read in Kindle, Kobo or what you will.

To copy the book from your PC to an e-reader, do one of the following:

To transfer the book from your computer to a Kindle device, first download it to your computer and then open it on your computer in Kindle to make sure the book is there!  Now plug your Kindle into your computer using the Kindle’s USB cable. Your computer will treat the Kindle as just another storage device, allowing you to copy the newly downloaded file in the usual way (it should be in your “My Kindle Content” folder) and paste it into “Documents” in the so-called new storage device – i.e. your temporarily attached Kindle. That’s it. It’s there for you to read and keep for ever.

The same method should work for most other e-readers.

For ANDROID readers (such as Google Nexus) the procedure varies by machine – but fear not! There’s an explanation on the Smashwords page (via a link immediately above the download box) but in effect you:
Install the free Kindle app on your e-reader (if it isn’t already there).
Download the book from Smashwords to your computer in MOBI format for Kindle.  Open the book in Kindle on your computer, then ‘close the book’.
Connect your reader to the computer and turn it on.
On your computer, copy the MOBI file you’ve just downloaded (it’ll be in Kindle Content), then paste the file into Kindle Content on your Android machine.
On your reader open the Kindle app and the book should appear in your library.

To transfer the book to your iPhone (which seems appropriate for an iPhone novel!) you will need first to download the (free) iBooks app from Apple, after which you can download directly onto your phone from my Smashwords page ( EXIT 39 ) choosing Epub format, and Hey Presto – the book appears on your bookshelf!

Nothing to it, really!

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