Great British Fictional Villains

Great British Fictional Villains, published September 2009, is the companion volume to 2008’s Great British Fictional Detectives. In it, a massive A-Z is accompanied with essays and listings and, of course, lots of great pictures.

Crime villains include old favourites like Moriarty, Flambeau and Count Fosco. From the Golden Age we have Doctor Bickleigh, Dimitrios, Jack Havoc, Elizabeth Kane and lots of others. Then, from a little later, villains like Karla and Harry Lime.

How about Svengali and Sweeney Todd, Volpone and Varney the Vampire, Raffles and Rupert of Hentzau, Doctor Nikola and Doctor No, Fagin and Bill Sikes… They’re all there.

So how can you resist? It makes a fiendishly good birthday present.

Click for a closer look: Great British Fictional Villains

by Russell James
with an introduction by John Harvey
published by Remember When (an imprint of Pen & Sword)
Recommended price £25 (though lower on the net!)
ISBN 978 1844 680603


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