My Bullet Sweetly Sings

This is the non-Kindle version of Slaughter Music – the full original text, ready to read, at a mouth-watering low price of $1.99 (barely £1.49 Sterling).

Tim Hawk is young, virginal – and a hit-man. But he is obsessed by baroque opera – Handel, Telemann and Purcell. His employer, Alexei Kazan, born Ukrainian but now a leading London gangster, returns from the Ukraine with his new young bride-to-be – beautiful, naive and vulnerable – and as Kazan’s marriage and criminal empire are undermined, the doomed trio rush to a violent and operatic climax.

“When beauty’s the prize, What mortal fears dying?”

Tim plans his assassinations well, rehearsing them with cool detachment, and his professionalism makes him a rising star in Kazan’s gang.  Hawk’s only other interest, his unexpected love for baroque opera, is kept concealed.  When Kazan returns with his bride-to-be, Hawk presents the pair with a macabre wedding present.  Other guests are shocked, but Kazan and Irena are intrigued.  Then Kazan, fatefully, charges Hawk with protecting his prized young bride – who is half Kazan’s age, and much the same age as Tim Hawk.

It isn’t only Kazan’s marriage that is vulnerable.  His empire is under siege.  As the threats and danger mount, Kazan finds himself betrayed and let down on all sides.  The only people he can rely on, it seems, are his wife and the trusted Hawk.  Hawk brings in another friend, Cecille, and on Guy Fawkes night, as a full-scale gang war breaks out, these four alone must face the enemy.

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“A narrative rich enough to qualify as good literature of any ilk.”
– A Shot In The Dark

“The best since his extraordinary debut, Underground . . . Few contemporary writers have so powerfully evoked the sheer bloody menace of our capital city.”
– GQ magazine

“Quirky enough to make you sit up and take notice.”
– Literary Review

“Who says Brits can’t write true hardboiled? This guy is good!  James makes it all come starkly alive, dangerous and fascinating . . . Someone to watch.”
– Hardboiled magazine

“Russell James first enticed US readers with the tough realism of Payback (1993), and now delivers a worthy successor steeped in bloody violence, Machiavellian intrigue and intricate psychological suspense.”
– Mostly Murder

“Pulp fiction at its classiest, without a shred of redemption or lame sentimentality.”
San Francisco Chronicle

Get your copy: Press here

Russell is published by Prospero and can be found on:Facebook


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