Requiem for a Daughter

After all those low-life thrillers, this was my first Police procedural, set in 2012, as London prepared for the Olympics.

In a quiet London street, a gunman holds his little child as hostage until, after a dramatic police siege, the smoke clears to reveal a sickening outcome.  Firearms Officer Abi Wilde is suspended.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, her CO19 work partner Tom Fortune learns that, across town the very same day, his own daughter has been kidnapped.  He had already lost her, in a way, because when his ex-wife shacked up with Andrei Kashirin, a dodgy Russian billionaire, she took the children along with her, and the Russian now regards himself as their father.  He is striking deals ahead of the 2012 Olympics and, although Tom’s daughter has been kidnapped, it is Kashirin who is tapped to pay.  But he’s not the type to give in to threats.  He intends to tackle the kidnappers his way.  But Tom is the girl’s real father, and he is determined to get his daughter back himself.  CO19 take him off the case.  So he’s on his own.  Until Abi comes in to help.

Now available as an Ebook (formatted for Kindle, Sony etc.).  Sample for free or download a copy at this page

Your KINDLE version can be found h e r e
Your NOOK version can be found h e r e
and the KOBO version is h e r e

Russell is published by Prospero and can be found on:Facebook


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