Beauty Parade of 1939

These are some of the up-and-coming young ladies Maggie (who turned 40 in this decade – but don’t tell anyone) finds herself up against. Which one would you vote for?


Maggie’s most famous rival. Born in Soho, Jessie began her career aged 12 in Bluebell in Fairyland and now stars in top West End shows such as Ever Green, the most expensive show ever staged (so far!) in London.  It is now a Gaumont British film in which she stars alongside Sonnie Hale and Barry MacKay.

Who can forget her rendition of ‘Over My Shoulder’?




“Come up and join me, boys!”

One of the foremost actresses on the legitimate stage, the sporty Miss Corbett has starred in many London productions including Dusty Ermine and Sarah Simple as well, of course, as appearing in several British films including her first, the Gaumont British film Love on Wheels and several others including The Constant Nymph and, most recently, Anything to Declare?.


Iris Lockwood



As can be seen from her graceful pose, this beautiful young lady is a born ‘trouper’. She has graced the stage since the age of 12 and is an accomplished singer and dancer.  Miss Lockwood has been appearing recently in the cast of the Trocadero Restaurant suppertime show Eve in the Park.



Renee Houston



Having had great success with 2 recent films, Happy days Are Here Again and Fine Feathers the supremely talented Miss Houston presents Maggie with quite a challenge!  Like Maggie, Miss Houston began her career in Music Hall and Revue, where she appeared often with her sister Billie as the “Houston Sisters”.




With such a Top Hat who needs tails?

Ruth Pattison is one of the lovely young ladies from the cast of Mr C B Cochran’s suppertime show Eve in the Park at the Trocadero restaurant.  Anyone can see that Miss Pattison is tall, slim and lovely – but she is also an accomplished entertainer.




The rest of her costume is in her band-box!

Miss Nugent has made quite a ‘hit’ in the popular London Hippodrome show Hide and Seek, the musical play which has been drawing large London audiences.  When not engaged on the stage, Miss Nugent often models for well-known photographers.



Helena Taylor



Yet another beautiful young lady from Eve in the Park – and yet another native London girl – Miss Taylor, still in her early twenties, can be seen here ‘roping them in’ to Mr C B Cochran’s suppertime show.





“Puss in Boots,” do I hear you say?

No, Miss Robinson is another of Mr C B Cochran’s troupe of delightful young ladies who graces Eve in the Park at the Trocadero Restaurant.  This 20-year-old brunette beauty hails from South Shields in the north and, like Dick Whittington’s cat, has come to London to seek her fortune.



Betty Bevan



Miss Bevan makes a dramatic entrance here, just as she has done on many an evening in Mr Cochran’s Eve in the Park.

The delightful Miss Bevan has red hair and bewitching green eyes.




Who can forget that the supremely talented Miss Eve Thorne was originally one of the famous BBC Dancing Daughters?

She too has been appearing in Mr Cochran’s Eve in the Park, looking as pert as ever, and is a beautiful blonde with bewitching grey eyes.




“Stop!  In the name of the law!”

Well, who wouldn’t stop for the arresting Miss Glen, yet another member of the cast in the sensational Eve in the Park?  The 21-year-old Miss Glen hails from Leigh-on-Sea and, despite this photograph, turns out to have blue eyes and quite definitely blonde hair!



Maggie publicity 1MAGGIE KING:

It will be no surprise if we declare Miss King to be our favourite.

Having been both a child star and a seaside pierrot, Miss King went on to star in numerous romantic melodramas before establishing herself as one of Britain’s leading dance band vocalists.

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