The London Sextet

Russell is published by Prospero and can be found on Facebook

London Sextet coverLucky Dip time. You may get this book with either of the covers shown here, depending on which your supplier has in stock.
Don’t worry: both have the same contents.
For your Kindle you should receive this version
and you can sample or buy by clicking

An original collection of six stories mixing crime with stories of a surprisingly human delicacy. The stories have been brought together here for the first time within one book. Five are set in London, but the first brings some of my London characters out for a day’s shooting in the Cotswolds. (This is the story singled out in the Times as ‘a splendid country house shocker’.)

In this book you’ll meet criminals and the women who wait for them, a missing daughter, London lowlife, faded aristocracy – and the only one of my stories ever to feature a private detective. What more could you ask?

Now available as an Ebook.

Sample for free or download a copy for a mere $2.99
(about £1.95) for your Kindle at : The London Sextet
If you have a Barnes & Noble reader, get the NOOK version

All other eReader versions can be had from Smashwords: h e r e


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