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Underground was first published in the UK by Victor Gollancz Ltd in 1989.  Itwas translated and published in Germany by Dumont Noir in 1999, and its first American publication was by Stark House in 2007.

The Gollancz version is out of print but you can still get the book from Stark House, or second-hand – or as an Ebook in various formats from Smashwords.

Alternatively, you can buy a Kindle version direct from Amazon.
Amazon USA
Amazon UK

Or direct from Barnes & Noble as a NOOK book
or from KOBO (just click here)

It was my first novel, written at the end of the 1980s.  A few things have changed.  I’d like to think that in the down-at-heel rougher areas of London (and Deptford certainly is rough) there still are street-wise vigilantes determined to save their area from hard drugs.  Sadly that’s changed, though it was just about there at the time – a golden age perhaps.  The weapons in the book, and their part numbers, are all genuine and were used as I describe them.  Even the location of the weapons store I reveal in the later stages of the book is genuine — and yes, I was criticised for revealing it then, but the years have passed and that information is not sensitive now.  I have altered nothing.  No second thoughts.  This was the world at that time.

‘Britain seen through a gun-sight,’ said the Literary Review.

‘An original and innovative voice in the too-cosy world of crime fiction,’ said Mike Ripley in the Daily Telegraph.

‘An unholy cross between Len Deighton and the great American noir novelist David Goodis,’ declared Jon Williams in The Face.

Russell is published by Prospero and can be found on Facebook


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