Victorian Artists and Models

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Published by Remember When (an imprint of Pen & Sword)

ISBN 184468095-9

216 pages    fully illustrated     Recommended Price £12.99

Click to view: The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists and Their Models (Pocket Guides (Remember When))

This fascinating guide book covers some 400 Victorian artists, from the famous to the long forgotten, from the classical to the advanced – and, unlike many art books, it’s fun and entertaining, looking as much at the artists’ lives as at their canvases.  Who were they?  How did they live?  Why do we today warm to 19th century art, delighting in it more than we like art from any other century, including our own? 

By the time Victoria died, the nation’s top artists, like modern pop stars, were fabulously rich, lived in mansions, and surrounded themselves with luxury.  Others, outside the top bracket, struggled or starved; some drank themselves to death, some overdosed on drugs, others died lonely and disillusioned.  Some had tangled love affairs, a few of which were played out and lapped up by the public.

Most art books ignore artists’ models, despite their being close, often intimately close, to the artists who painted them.  But in this book they are brought out into the light, and their stories, along with those of the artists who immortalised them, are brought back to life – in all their original vibrant colours!

Order a copy from Amazon.  Click here: The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists and Their Models

Victorian Artists & Their Models

Contents include:


THE PRE-RAPHAELITES – Back to the Future

PORTRAITURE – A Good Likeness

LANDSCAPE – The World About Us

MARINE PAINTING – Our English Coasts

GENRE – Work & Everyday Life

ANIMAL LIFE – The Pretty Baa-Lambs

HISTORICAL – Great Moments in History

FOREIGN CLIMES – Religion and Palestine

NEOCLASSICISM – In the Tepidarium (Now, That’s What I Call a Picture)

SCULPTURE – Portraits in Stone

FANTASY & SYMBOLISM – The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke

DECORATIVE & AESTHETIC –Fin de siècle, Still Life, Nudes

A CENTURY OF BLACK & WHITE – Printmakers, Engravers & Caricaturists

ILLUSTRATION – Art for the Millions

ARTISTS AND MODELS – Close Relationships



Order a copy from Amazon.  Click here:

The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists and Their Models (Pocket Guides (Remember When))


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