Contact me

Laura Knight on the line

Feel free to contact me, in whichever way you prefer.

You can use the ‘Comments‘ feature on this blog – and don’t worry, your comments won’t remain posted forever; I’ll delete them once we’ve finished chatting – or you can talk to me on Twitter.

My Twitter tag is:  @getRussellJames

By all means send me a message – or simply join in – by clicking Facebook

You might also like to contact me via my more general blog, which is at: Booksmatter

I am published by Prospero and can also be found on Facebook

If you want to email me (what’s coming up is to reduce spam) create the email address by putting the 6 letters:   findrj    in front of the back-end:    – and away you go, into the ether.

One Response to Contact me

  1. Robert Waterhouse says:


    I about to send you an email on the address

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