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What am I writing now?

After the more than positive response to my last book, After She Drowned (see below), I’m now working on the prequel, The Captain’s Ward, set in the 1880s.  Although a prequel, you can read the books in either sequence, as written or as set.

Located in the same semi-rural area around Croome and Milham, this story tells of the close relationship between a teenage orphan and her charismatic guardian. More details to come – but have you read After She Drowned yet? It’s available as both a paperback and an ebook – so what are you waiting for?

After She Drowned is about forbidden love in the Victorian church.

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Some of my more recent books: Have a sneak peek at my MOTHER NAKED.

“It would be a crime not to read it!” David Stuart Davies

“Another gripping read!” Sally Logan


MOTHER NAKED is available as a paperback from Amazon: H E R E
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More typically, here’s my latest crime book!

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The Newly Discovered Diaries Of Doctor Kristal
A black comedy set in the Swinging Sixties (1963-4) and revealed through the diaries of a doctor – 35 years old and still a virgin – whose curious obsessions drive him to start murdering his patients. Kristal thinks himself immune from any hint of sexual passion – but when there are two beautiful women desperate for his help, isn’t there anything he can do? Read all about it on the DOCTOR KRISTAL page – here

Some books that don’t appear to be by Russell James (but are) include:

Vic Romances cover jpeg  Great-Grandmother’s Secrets:

5 of my great-grandmother’s wonderful Victorian Romances have been gathered together in one book from Prospero – in ebook and printed form, ludicrously cheap and every story illustrated with original engravings. Take a look.

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Or look at the new guide (the only such guide, in fact) written in close conjunction with James Havers to some of the best-value illustrated books ever published! LOOK HERE!

One way or another, all my books are available from Amazon. They’re astonishingly cheap (or should that be just plain ‘astonishing’?)  Why not try one?  For example (another “Oh, is that by Russell James too?” book):

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Stories I Can’t Tell    CLICK TO GRAB IT!

(an illustrated confessional “by” Maggie King, “with” Russell James)
Something different – very different! – written with the “very close co-operation” of the fabulous Maggie King. It invites you – and you alone – to sit with Maggie as she shows you the contents of her trunk of theatrical souvenirs. What secrets will you find?

On the eve of World War Two Maggie King has been waiting for me – Russell James – to join her and ghost-write a celebrity memoir. But I’m not there yet; there’s only you and Maggie, just the two of you, in front of a cozy roaring fire. Maggie’s theatrical trunk, you’ll find, is packed with programmes, handbills, letters and photos, both from her own career and that of her parents – Albert and Annie King (‘the Royal Family’), middle-ranking performers in Music Hall and Variety. While you sit with her she recalls the ups and downs of her rackety life, including hits and flops, romance and tragedy, the men who mattered and the man who caused the scandal that blighted her career.
Full details are on the Maggie King book page – “Stories I Can’t Tell”

zzInvicta label Or to get in the mood for the delectable Maggie King, why not take a minute or two to enjoy some of my YouTube Mad Music Videos.

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