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          • John Fullerton says : “There’s no-one with a more readable narrative flow than James.”
          • “An influential and often brilliant crime novelist,” said Lit Hub Weekly, in January 2021
          • “He goes looking for trouble where more circumspect writers would back off,” said the Times Saturday Review

          I write several kinds of books – crime, history and other.

          CRIME is here.
          HISTORY here.
          And OTHERS here.

    • Have you read my latest?Cover RainDid she fall or was she pushed?
      It should have been a dream come true. Nick always fancied her at school but nothing came of it. Six years later he meets up with her again. This time she wants him. She has left university now and he plays in a jazz-rock band. She leads him into the dark and complex labyrinth of food politics, in which heroes and villains do not come conveniently packaged. Businessmen can be human, animal rights activists can be vicious. Meanwhile, his band is preparing for its biggest ever opportunity – a slot at the world famous Glastonbury Festival. If Nick can make it.
      Check it out now – CLICK HERE

    • It follows this surprisingly topical story:
    • 1TNYcover4It’s 2001, the start of a new millennium. Disease sweeps the nation, people are quarantined, the government fumbles. The weather is extraordinary and people grumble about illegal immigrants.Britain’s Foot and Mouth Disease will cost billions and see the death of hundreds of thousands of animals. Farmers will lose their livelihoods and some will kill themselves. When the government is accused of incompetence the General Election will be postponed. All this before September, and that other tragedy on the other side of the world.2001 was a lifetime ago, yet it could be today.Relive that extraordinary year: right here.

      TCW Better a Dinner of HerbsWant something different? Well, have you tasted the delights of my Croome Victorian Saga?  I think it’s best if you read The Captain’s Ward first – but what do I know? I’m only the author.

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      By the way . . . There’s yet more on me and my other books on ABOUT ME.

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